Medium Billy Cook: Everyone has a gift

Billy Cook is one of the international wellknown mediums these days who give strong evidence for Afterlife to grieving people around the world. I am lucky to been at five demonstrations with him. Every demonstration has been filled with evidential messages and one of these were even more magical. I the most magical demonstration every single message was right on evidential and the people who got them were so touched, happy and filled of joy.

I know, for anyone who has never experienced such things this sounds very strange. But I can honestly assure you that I am a very skeptical person. My job is journalist and I am trained to look about everything with a suspicious mind.

The first years when I went to demonstrations I always hoped for to get messages and communication with some of my loved ones in Afterlife. But after some years in the mediumistic world, with a lot of visits in spiritualistic churches and associations, participance in courses in mediumship, I have got so many messages that I nowadays am sure about that my loved ones in Afterlife still are alive and they are here, just a breath away. The love that connect us can never die. About demonstrations: now I see upon them as a happy meeting when the two worlds meet, the Physical world and the Spiritual World. I don’t need messages to myself, I am happy just to feel the existence and the presence of the Spiritual world.

Billy Cook is sure one of the spiritualistic mediums that have brought so many evidential messages that have given me my belief and trust in Afterlife and spiritual world.
I had the opportunity to talk with him and ask some questions about his pathway to be an international medium.

The reason why he choosed to travel around and spread the message of Afterlife, Billy Cook explains:
“Its because I want to give people the joy I got when I got communication with my mum. The wonderful message that life continues after the physical death.”

His mum had psychic gifts and Billy Cook has always, even when he was a child, seen spirits from Afterlife. Billy Cook lost his mum when he was 14 years old. He says that he lost his mum very much, he had a deep and angry grief.
His older sister came with he child and lived with Billy and took care of him. But he did not like that the slightest. “No one should try to take my mum´s place. I was a little bastand”, he says.
One evening the whole family went to a theatre, accept Billy. He did not want to join them. I stayed at home and around midnight he made a cup of tea for himself. He put the pot of tea at the table and suddenly his mum was sitting there. Billy said to here:
“Oh, mum, would you have a cup of tea?”
He said that spontaneously. And then he realized that his mum was dead. He run out to the street crying and there he met his dad and sister with her family. He was crying without control and said: “I just saw mum”.
Her sister said: “Why are you so frightened? Your mum would never hurt you, she loves you.”
Billy Cook says: “I based my mediumship on that ever since then: ties of love and never be broken”.
He was 40 years when he started to work with his mediumship more regularly. “I sat in a homecircle for more then five years before”, he tells me.

Many of the great British medium started in homecircles there they sat regularly at least once a week for years. He has also joined many courses and workshops in differens spiritualistic centers as at Arthur Findlay College in Stadstedt and other.

Since then Billy Cook has travelled around the world, giving demonstrations, private sittings and courses. Earlier he even had a mediumschool in Denmark. Had tv-program in UK and Denmark about mediumship. He has spread his message of the love which never dies in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain and many more.
His advice for coming mediums is:
“Keep it simple. To many people make it complicates, to academic. Its simple. Everyone has a gift, because we all are spirits in a physical body. All mediums do is to take time to develop it. It´s live pianoplaying: some go on and be like Chopin”.